Hi sweet souls!

My name is Zaira Dulce Rodriguez, I am 22 years old and I am the owner of Dulce Luz Candle Co. I was born and raised in Garland, Texas, but I still proudly represent my Mexican roots & culture, VIVA MEXICO! 

I have always been a free spirited & very artistic soul since i can remember, my passions include ,but are not limited to: photography, dancing, painting, drawing, singing, interior decorating ect. 

Ever since i started working i didn't really have the opportunity to work in a creative environment that allowed me to expand my love for art. My very first job was around the ages of 10-15 years old. I was still in school at this time so during the summer i would help my mom clean houses since she was and currently still is an independent house keeper. My mother has been in the housekeeping business for over 40 years. she is now 53, so yes that means she started working at the very young age, 10 years old to be exact. I truly appreciate her educating me on work ethic and planting the seeds of entrepreneurship into my brain at such a young age, it has gotten me and will continue to get me very far in life.

As soon as i was legally allowed to work, I had to get my first big girl job. I was 16  bussing tables at a local Mexican restaurant, As time passed by i found myself cashiering at a retail store for a couple years, and eventually moved up to an office job as a receptionist for an insurance company. I then worked my way up to become a licensed insurance agent. At this point i was 19 years old, working for "the man" making a decent amount of money, but i was completely miserable. 

I felt like i was living to work, not working to live. I did not enjoy selling insurance one bit and the things i did enjoy in life i didn't even have the energy to even enjoy them anymore. Everyday that passed, it felt as if all my creative energy was going to waste, i felt so purposeless, i realized i was not living my most authentic life.  I started brainstorming and i thought to myself "How can i be my own boss, have the freedom, while keeping my finances and creative energy afloat?, plus make a difference in my community?" and making candles was the idea that came to mind.

I stayed at my 9-5 job for a couple more months to invest in my business idea, i gathered all the inventory i needed, did the research i needed to do and as soon as i was ready i decided to take the leap of faith and quit my job in 2020, And in October 2020 Dulce Luz was born.

Being your own boss is very glamorized, but entrepreneurship has not been all sunshine and rainbows, truthfully it has been extremely difficult. I had a hard time maintaining a stable foundation financially, physically, and mentally. But don't get me wrong, i've had so much fun throughout all of this. Hearing others say how much they love the candles and how it has truly helped them spiritually makes everything worth it.

Unfortunately, my mental health was absolutely crumbling in 2021, it got to the point where i had to take a break from candle making and just focus on healing myself mentally, physically and spiritually. I lost a lot during these hard times, but i gained so much more once i took the time to care for myself on a deeper level. 

I've been aware of my spiritual journey since 2018, but for the last 2 years i've been going deeper within and healing unresolved trauma, inner child wounds, breaking generational cycles, getting to know myself, forgive myself, love myself in order to build confidence & embody peace. 

The start of 2022 i made sure my purpose was more than just focusing on the material world. i want to inspire, create, heal, bring awareness, and bring peace & joy into my and other peoples lives. 

I truly believe that my purpose in this lifetime is to help others heal and guide them towards their higher selves. Candles and crystals just so happen to be the tools that i was given to get me closer to my purpose. They can be part of yours too if you are open to the healing journey. I truly am a believer that we are right where we need to be, nothing more nothing less.

So If you find yourself in a dark place, Dulce Luz will always light the way. 

much love,

Zaira Dulce Rodriguez

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Yo mama

This is amazing. It’s like I’m in a store. Much love, keep up the hard work babe. You got this!!